About us

GEA FIL is one of New Zealand's leading dairy hygiene and animal health suppliers. We've focused on developing a wide range of quality products that are backed by the most extensively trained and experienced team in the field.

Our product range includes dairy detergents, teat care products, bloat remedies, spray marker dyes, and our globally recognised range of heat detection tail paints.

After 30 years of providing effective and reliable products, successive generations of farmers have learned by personal experience to trust FIL.  With our focus on innovation that is derived from the needs of New Zealand dairy farmers, we have created choice and cost efficiences across a wide range of products that are tried, tested and proved to enable maximum returns from your herd.

Our Philosophy

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As part of our commitment to the farming industry, we support a variety of regional activities and events throughout the country. For sponsorship requests please contact Crystal van der Heyden - Crystal.vanderHeyden@gea.com

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Our Staff

Greg Sampson

Area Sales Manager
North & Coastal Taranaki, King Country

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