Been There – 1 litre Twin Chambered bottle featuring metered dispenser

Posted on 1 September 2010

In FIL’s quest to continuously improve products, Been There’s 1 litre bottle has been replaced by a twin chambered metered dispenser, making spray jobs simpler and cleaner.

“Been There” has been a staple product in the FIL range of markers for many years, delivering outstanding visibility over challenging spray environments.

The formulation includes a dye that does away with the high acid level often common in markers. The acid level can cause problems for spray equipment and the ability of sprays it is mixed with to perform to maximum specifications.

Features and benefits:

- Dispenser assists with the measurement of Been There tracer dye, improving application accuracy

- Dispenser chamber includes 20ml gradations, from 20ml – 100ml

- Child resistant screw caps for added safety

The 1 litre twin chamber expands the FIL range of farmer and contractor friendly container sizes, also including 5L and 20L available at local rural retail stores.