Innovation leads the way

Posted on 18 October 2013

FIL are excited to introduce Teatshield and Teatshield Active, two new Chlorhexidine based teat care products, formulated by listening and working with dairy farmers to assist them in the pursuit of the perfect teats.

 What makes these products different?

The new and technically advanced formulations contain FIL’s Special Agents such as Emollients and Chlorhexidine with Teatshield Active uniquely containing Manuka Honey. By ‘Targeting Teat Condition’ throughout the season cases of mastitis are reduced and milking performance significantly enhanced.

 New Zealand specific formulations

Both products have been developed from our deep understanding of seasonal farming in New Zealand, by listening and working with our customers to meet the challenging demands our unique environment presents. Teat condition challenges are present throughout lactation and increase significantly when conditions are cold, wet, windy and muddy. This is why we have formulated these products to suit New Zealand’s conditions.  Also, don’t forget our very popular Iodoshield Active product for those very challenging environments or times of the year, this is an iodine based teat spray which also contains Manuka honey.


High levels of Chlorhexidine in Teatshield ensure superior strength for killing bacteria. Teatshield has higher levels of emollient than some of it’s rivals, to help achieve perfect teat condition and is formulated to ensure it achieves superior teat coverage through better spray-ability.

Teatshield Active

Only FIL’s teat care products (Teatshield Active, Iodoshield Active and Active Teat Cream) contain Manuka Honey which is well known for its healing properties. The additive of Manuka Honey to this formulation not only helps with repairing dry and cracked teats, but it also ensures the special agents adhere to the cows teats for an extended period of time.

Teatshield Active has been built with an advanced Emollient matrix to assist with cell rejuvenation and conditioning of cracked and damaged teats. The vibrant green colour, gives our customers confidence that full teat coverage is being achieved, as it is highly visible on the cow’s teats.

Want to know more about Teatshield and Teatshield Active, contact your local FIL area manager.