New automation in teat spray is here!

Posted on 1 February 2019

GEA FIL’s intelligent new Auto Mix + Spray unit sets a gold standard in teat spraying, providing farmers with an accurately mixed solution, applied ‘fresh’ at every milking.

Accurately mixing and using teat spray to combat seasonal differences is the critical factor to maintaining teat condition, says FIL National Manager Colin May.

“Farmers may be using the best products, but teat spray use solutions can vary widely depending on who does the mixing, and their level of understanding of what’s required to combat seasonal differences” explains May.

“Most teat sprays suggest a ratio mix, like 1 to 6 or 1 to 9, which can be confusing. Adding extra emollient adds yet another level of complexity.

“97% accurate, the Auto Mix + Spray takes human error and guess work out of hand mixing.

“We help farmers tailor a teat care plan with recommended mix rates to meet seasonal changes – the rates can be locked into the Auto Mix + Spray memory for daily use, until it’s time to select a different ratio.”

When environmental conditions change, or a deterioration in teat condition is detected, the Auto Mix + Spray settings can be altered at single % ratios (between 5 and 20%) to counter negative influences on teat condition.

The unit is pressurised, meaning it can be retrofitted into a wet-it or wand system, an ambic system or on-platform spraying systems like iPUD. It can also be used as a standalone unit.

It takes the teat spray from the drum directly to the cow.

“In line with best practice, the Auto Mix + Spray ensures that teat spray is mixed and applied ‘fresh’ every milking - this is especially good where there’s poor water quality on farm - rather than using a mix that may have been stored with the active ingredient levels likely compromised.”

The new GEA FIL Auto Mix + Spray unit launches at the Northern and Central Districts Field Days with a teat care deal that could save you $2,500. Phone 0508 434 569 for more information.