Tried, tested and proven heat detection tool

Posted on 22 September 2020

Accurately determining when a cow is on heat ensures a more successful mating period. You need a clear process, good observation and effective use of a reliable heat detection tool. Farmers use FIL tail paint as it’s tried, tested and proven.

With an effective painting plan in place, you can identify almost 90% of cows on heat. Applied properly, it will reliably provide a visual indication of when a cow has stood to be mounted, and consequently rubbed, to show that she’s on heat. It also helps to pick up cows that are on heat for a short time and might otherwise be missed.

FIL Detail tail paint comes in six fluorescent colours, which enables a systematic painting plan to identify each stage during the ‘detection to pregnancy’ 12-week cycle:

1. Paint all cows with red tail paint approximately three weeks after calving. Check the paint strip at each milking. In most cases, much of the paint will be rubbed off when a cow is on heat.

2. Paint cows on heat with green tail paint.

3. After insemination, paint the cows with blue tail paint. If the paint rubs off, the cow is not pregnant.

4. Once pregnancy is confirmed, paint the cows with yellow tail paint.

FIL’s Detail 10L bucket is gaining popularity as a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option, ultimately minimising waste on farm. It’s just as effective as oil-based tail paint, with visibility for up to 21 days.

Being water-based, it’s gentler on skin, so it’s better for cows. Plus, there’s less harm to the applicator’s skin and can be easily cleaned with water.

For quick and hassle-free application, pair Detail tail paint with the Tail-Mate™ roller and extendable handle, so you can safely add extra reach when tail painting.

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