Turning the dairy pink for a great cause

Posted on 1 October 2019

With farmer response being so positive to GEA’s FIL “Think Pink” campaign in 2018, GEA committed to packaging their Active Teat Conditioner in pink drums for another year and pledging support for Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.

In April last year, GEA's FIL celebrated the launch of their Active Teat Conditioner by packaging the teat care product in pink drums. GEA's FIL National Sales Manager Colin May comments “We’re dedicated to helping farmers improve their herds’ overall teat and udder health in the long run, so continuing to support Breast Cancer Foundation NZ was the right thing to do.  

We see it as a good opportunity for farmers to show their support for those affected by cancer in choosing to buy a pink drum."

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ’s chief executive Evangelia Henderson says, “We are so grateful for the support of our rural community. Funds raised help us work towards our vision of zero deaths from breast cancer by investing in ground-breaking research, spreading the word about early detection, and supporting Kiwis with breast cancer no matter where they live in New Zealand.

“Even if you live remotely, you can contact our nurses on 0800 226 8773 for expert advice.”

GEA’s FIL products are formulated by in-house Chemist Drew Chadwick and he’s confident that Active Teat Conditioner is superior to any other emollient on the market.

Designed to actively restore teat health, and certified for use in organic dairies, it’s formulated with skincare ingredients more commonly used in high quality cosmetics to hydrate, soften and soothe delicate human skin.

Allantoin, an active moisturiser with skin rejuvenation properties is a key ingredient. Another is aloe vera, a moisturising agent rich in antioxidants and minerals essential for restoring the condition of stressed teats.

Of course, Active Teat Conditioner also contains manuka honey, which has long been a key ingredient in the FIL teat care range. Widely used to treat damaged skin, manuka honey aids in skin regeneration and repairing cellular damage. It also helps to keep teat skin hydrated.

Healthy udders are key to cows producing high quality milk, so go pink and protect your herd with a proactive emollient like no other.