Active Teat Conditioner

A conditioning solution containing Aloe Vera, Allantoin and Mauka honey for adding teat spray mixtures.

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Creating a healthy udder is of high importance and to achieve this it is crucial to have a high quality emollient during early lactation.

Why the need to add extra emollient?

Water and mud strip the protective natural oils from skin. The cold, wet, muddy conditions experienced during early lactation will induce hardening and thickening of teat skin, causing drying and chapping of the teat itself.

The resulting cracks and teat sores are painful, making cows uncomfortable during milking - so they often kick and stomp, plus milk let-down will likely be poor. So, during early lactation or when teat condition is poor, it’s important that there is additional emollient such as glycerine in teat sanitisers, helping to improve teat condition during the risk period.

Other things you should know:

It contains quality skin care ingredients  such as Aloe Vera, Allantoin and Manuka honey

Increases overall teat condition, leaving teats supple, less prone to drying and cracking and better protected

For use in challenging periods, ie cold, wet, windy weather conditions often experienced during early lactation

Certified for use in organic dairies  (USAD NOP)

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Iodoshield Active

“It’s ability to adhere to the skin allows it to stay on for a good length of time leaving the teats soft.”

Matt and Carol Hatton, Bay of Plenty

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