Bloateze DFA

A reliable aid in the prevention and treatment of frothy bloat in cattle.

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Specifically formulated for application via in-line dispensing systems and is safe to use through alkathene piping.

  • Suitable for drenching, trough treatment and pasture spraying
  • Approved for use on organic farms



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Pack Sizes

20 Litre Container
100 Litre Drum
200 Litre Drum


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What farmers think

Iodoshield Active

“I haven’t needed to use as much teat salve on the teats since using this product even through some quit challenging weather conditions.”

Mark Schrider, South Taranaki

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To control bloat and prevent it from impacting on your herd, we have developed treatments to help your animals make it through spring and ensure productivity isn’t lost. Bloateze and Bloateze DFA...

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Ask our Chemist

For the really technical questions, we'd like to introduce you to FIL's in-house chemist, Drew.

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