A heavy duty chlorinated cleaning chemical product used for a variety of cleaning purposes - in the dairy shed or around the home.

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  • Use to correct dairy plant grades and/or in pre-season heavy duty chlorinated alkali wash, to remove any build-up of bacteria in the milking plant.  Combine with a hot alkali detergent wash.
  • Treat water with high microbial contamination content by neutralising the microbes responsible.
  • Good for removing moss, mould, mildew, algae from concrete floors, walls, paths, masonry and roofs, using a knapsack or other suitable low pressure spray apparatus.
  • Biogro certified for organic dairies
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5 Litre Container
20 Litre Container
100 Litre Drum


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Iodoshield Active

“We have trialed Iodoshield Active through some trying weather conditions and we are confident it doesn’t require added emollient when used at the recommended rate.”

Henry and Alison Van Hout, Waikato

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