Quantum Clear Citric Acid

Our Eco Warrior product; is certified for organic dairies, leaves no residue traces and uses less water

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Originally developed as a true organic acid for use in organic dairies to sanitise milking plants.

Why choose Quantum Clear?

  1. Over 25% reduction water usage
  2. No residue traces
  3. Biogro certified for organic dairies
  4. Use to disinfect equipment
  5. Around 25% reduction in wash time and power consumption

Other things you should know about Quantum Clear

  • 1.5m/L water use rate
  • High strength Citric Acid based (390g/K) cleaner
  • For use with compliant water only
  • For high turbulence plants
  • For hot water use only
  • Use with Alkali washes every alternate day
  • Acid is clear in colour
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Pack Sizes

20L Container
100L Drum
200L Drum


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Iodoshield Active

“My SCC dropped by 80 to 100,000 and stayed down all lactation, even when on herd went on once a day before Christmas.”

Shane Foote, Te Aroha

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