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Detail paints are water based, more enviromentally friendly and are gentle on severly rubbed cows.

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A large 10L pail is more efficient for the larger herd operators, same great water-based paint specifically designed for heat detection, but bulk-packaged for a variety of application methods.

  • Low irritant so is gentler on cows, especially those severely rubbed
  • Easier application and clean up
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Six fluorescent colours available for clear identification of rubbed paint and to enable a systematic painting plan
  • Lasts up to 21 days, subject to conditions and correct application





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10 Litre Pail


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“It simplifies the dairy wash down, especially if you are not there and have other people running the plant - you know that the right amount of detergent is being put through the wash every time. And the sanitiser is excellent – consistent grade free results and sparkling clean stainless steel.”

Todd Lennox, Paparimu, South Auckland, 350 cows, 24 aside dairy plant

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