Tell Tail Applicators

Fluroescent oil-based tail paint recommended for dairy cows heat detection.

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Oil-based paints are FIL’s oldest type of paint, providing vivid colour and adhesion in all weather.

Why choose Tell Tail Applicator?

  • Specifically designed applicator bottle with brush for easy application
  • Six fluorescent colours available to enable a systematic painting plan for each stage in the ‘detection to pregnancy’ cycle
  • Lasts up to 21 days, subject to conditions and correct application
  • Also available in 1L tins
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Pack Sizes

1 Litre Tin
1 Litre Applicator


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Iodoshield Active

“My SCC dropped by 80 to 100,000 and stayed down all lactation, even when on herd went on once a day before Christmas.”

Shane Foote, Te Aroha

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