Tip Detail

Tail Painting

FIL’s Mating Management System has been developed to provide a way to track your herd’s reproductive activity. It should be used in conjunction with Tell Tail – Oil Based, and Detail – Water based paints for optimal results.

FIL’s Mating Management System:

1. To map each cow’s progress through the reproductive cycle, the Mating Management System starts with the application of red tail paint 3 weeks after calving.

Once applied, monitor the painted region for signs of rubbing to indicate the cow is commencing her reproductive cycle. (NB. If there are no signs of such activity, veterinary attention may be required).

2. Apply green tail paint before commencement of artificial insemination (AI)

3. Once a cow has been artificially inseminated, apply blue tail paint.

4. Mark cows with yellow paint once pregnancy has been confirmed.

Tips for applying paint:

- Remove loose hairs and ensure the area is clean and dry before applying tail paint.

- Apply the tail paint as a 15cm strip along the spine starting from the tail.